Share your MegaMix+ highscores like never before!

What is ShareDiva?

ShareDiva is a Discord leaderboard bot for Hatsune Miku Project DIVA: MegaMix+ that lets you share your scores from the game into Discord servers in real time, check your score data and compare your scores to other players in the server or globally for individual songs! If you are a song pack mod creator, you can also add your song pack to ShareDiva and see global play stats for your songs!
ShareDiva has been live for over a year now with 48k+ scores saved from 100+ users in 290+ servers! Thank you to everyone for your support! 💙
ShareDiva consists of two parts:
  • a mod for Hatsune Miku Project DIVA: MegaMix+
  • a Discord bot
They work together to send your song completion results to a Discord bot that automatically posts it in a channel of your choice in a neat message:
Sample message of what it looks like when you clear a song (screenshot outdated - there is now also information about the song's star difficulty and a mod pack it belongs to, where applicable)
Want to see ShareDiva in action? Join ShareDiva Hub Discord server! You can see what it looks like in action, suggest feedback, report bugs and chat with other fellow MegaMix+ fans!
/diva discord for an easily accessible invite link, or click the link above

Why should you give it a shot?

The in-game leaderboard for MegaMix+ is rather... lackluster if you just want to compete with your buddies on who can get the highest score without having to reach the absolute high-scores that only very few players can actually hit. Not to mention that a few very popular mods that add a heap of new songs to play disable leaderboards entirely. Many players probably don't even know that leaderboard exists or they don't look into it at all.
ShareDiva is aimed at players who would like to share their high-scores with their buddies without having to take screenshots or having to awkwardly keep up with each other on who's played which song and how well you cleared it. Now you can simply invite the bot to your server, set a channel of your choice that ShareDiva should post the results to, download the mod and start sharing scores in real time!
I made ShareDiva with one goal in mind - to let people easily share their MegaMix+ scores in their friend groups or their Discord communities. ShareDiva is not meant to be a replacement of existing MegaMix+ leaderboards or a competitor to custom leaderboards made by other modders. This was made for fun first and foremost, and it is as a passion project of mine.
Complete a song and see your results posted on a Discord server!

How do I get started?

ShareDiva Discord bot

The only permissions it needs are to post messages, embed links and to use external emojis for pretty formatting.
Select which channel you'd like ShareDiva to post results to by typing:
/diva-admin channel set #channel
And that's it! Your server is now set up to post notifications when someone on the server gets a high-score! Head to next section if you haven't downloaded the mod yet.

ShareDiva MegaMix+ mod


First of all: As with every MegaMix+ mod out there, you must have DivaModLoader installed.


Install DivaModLoader from the link above, then unzip the contents of the ShareDiva archive into your \mods\ folder in the game install directory (by default it'll be in\steamapps\common\Hatsune Miku Project DIVA Mega Mix Plus\ in your Steam installation folder)
The folder structure must look like this: \Hatsune Miku Project DIVA Mega Mix Plus\mods\ShareDiva\<.dll and other files>
Make sure that every single file included in the archive is in the same \ShareDiva\ folder otherwise the mod won't work!
The archive includes the .dll file for the mod itself, two supporting .dlls that are required to successfully send the song data over to the Discord bot, certificate file to send your results to ShareDiva bot securely over HTTPS and a config file used for DivaModLoader.


In ShareDiva's mod folder, you'll need to manually rename the original ShareDivaMod.dll to anything else and then rename ShareDivaMod-SongLimitPatch.dll to ShareDivaMod.dll. Without this step ShareDiva won't be able to share your results as long as you have SongLimitPatch mod on.
I don't like this solution either but I'll figure out a better one eventually. Sorry about that

How do I start sharing my score on a server?

BEFORE YOU START PLAYING THE GAME type /diva settings in a server of your choice so that your high scores are posted to a channel (if a channel is setup for a server).
However, regardless of this setting your scores will always be saved to ShareDiva as long as the mod itself is enabled and ShareDiva Discord bot is online.

What scores will be saved?

MM+ Clear Threshold
ShareDiva Save Threshold
Why 5% less than the game's threshold?
This project is made for fun and easy score sharing, and as a newbie to Project DIVA games myself, I like to see how close I can get on completing a song on hardest difficulty that I can handle and see how close my friend was to completing that same song. We have a few songs that we are just a few % away from getting the "CLEAR" on, and I made this 'safety pillow' exactly for this purpose.
Why is EASY not included?
It's... EASY and it will just result in a lot of clutter and high AWS bills

What should I expect?

The song data the mod will share:
  • Song name
  • Song difficulty
  • Total score, completion rate (%) and song grade (STANDARD, GREAT, etc.))
  • Breakdown of your hits and misses (GOOD, BAD, CLOSE, etc.)
The song data the mod will not share:
  • Active song modifiers (HISPEED, HIDDEN, SUDDEN)
  • Your saved in-game high-scores - ShareDiva is a blank slate for everyone

Frequently Asked Questions

Does ShareDiva support custom songs?
Yes it does - however if you notice that custom art work and details about a song pack are missing, please contact me in ShareDiva Hub Discord server so I can add information about that song pack to ShareDiva for everyone to see
Does ShareDiva know about my existing high scores?
No, she does not. There's currently no way to import your existing high scores into ShareDiva. However, if you play the song that you have a high-score on again and get a good score, it will upload your new score. ShareDiva is a blank slate of all your song stats.
Will you add an option to import existing high scores?
At some point, yes, if there's enough demand for it.
Do I need an internet connection to have my scores shared with ShareDiva?
Yes - if you're playing the game offline, ShareDiva will never receive your results. Unfortunately just like with the previous question, there's currently no solution to this other than to not play offline. I do want to figure this out at some point, though.
I have a suggestion! Can I share it with you?
Sure! I'd love to hear your feedback. The best place to reach me is in ShareDiva Hub Discord server! As I mentioned in "Why should you give it a shot?" section above, this is a passion project of mine and I'd like to make the best casual Discord-focused leaderboard available for MegaMix+ players, but that said I cannot guarantee that I will implement every suggestion, however I'll see what I can do regardless!


ShareDiva Mod source on GitHub

ShareDiva Discord Bot source on GitHub

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