ShareDiva not working? Check this section for commonly encountered issues and how to fix them

Game issues

Before we get into the issues that could be happening on the game's side, make sure that your MegaMix+ is up-to-date (version 1.02) as ShareDiva mod currently only supports the latest Steam release MegaMix+ 1.02.

The only type of mod that can possibly interfere with ShareDiva is any kind of mod that changes your end-of-song success screen drastically (and I don't mean just UI change, I mean a mod that specifically changes things in the end result screen) so if you do have a mod like that please let me know so I could look into making ShareDiva compatible with that mod.

My game crashed!

Please make sure the mod is up to date - there was a bug that would crash the game at the results screen at the end of a song, but this should be resolved in ShareDiva version 1.0.3.

If your game still crashes at the results screen, please enable Diva Mod Loader's console by editing the config.toml file in the root of the game files (not the mods folder) and change console=false to true. If the game still crashes after that, please contact me in ShareDiva Hub Discord server so I can look into it.

ShareDiva doesn't send my results!

Enable Diva Mod Loader's console as described in section above. Then try completing a song and see what ShareDiva posts in the console.

If you see a message from ShareDiva mod that it sent the scores successfully, then it's more than likely a wrong setup in your Discord server.

If you see a message from ShareDiva mod indicating an error that it failed to send the results, i.e. Problem with the SSL CA cert (path? access rights?), it could be missing some of the required files that should be in the same folder with the mod. Otherwise, contact me.

Important disclaimer if you are using Stewie2.0's SongLimitPatch

There's a README in the mod's folder with instructions on how to use version of ShareDiva that works with that patch. Without this step, ShareDiva won't be able to send your song results as long as SongLimitPatch is on.

Discord issues

I invited ShareDiva bot to my server but I can't access her commands!

Please make sure the role you have on yourself and any other user who you want to grant access to ShareDiva's commands has "Use Application Commands" permissions.

I invited ShareDiva bot to my server and I can access her commands but she never posts my results!

Have you, or the admin of the server, set up a channel to which she should post to with /diva-admin channel set?

If yes and you still don't see the results, it's more than likely that ShareDiva is missing the correct permissions to properly send message to that channel. Please make sure that any of the roles ShareDiva bot has on your server has got following permissions enabled:

  • View Channels

  • Send Messages

  • Embed Links

  • Use External Emojis

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