📜List of commands

A comprehensive list of every command available in ShareDiva

For server staff

To access these commands, the user must have "Manage Channels" permissions in the server

  • /diva-admin channel set <#channel> - sets which channel ShareDiva posts to

  • /diva-admin channel get - shows which channel ShareDiva posts to

  • /diva-admin channel clear - clears the channel ShareDiva posts to

If you have the mod downloaded and enabled, these settings do not stop ShareDiva from saving your results. This configuration is purely for setting up which channel ShareDiva will post all high-scores to! As long as the bot is online, you have the mod enabled and you post a high-score, your scores are always saved in the system.

For players

To access these commands, the user must have "Use Slash Commands" permissions in the server

Score sharing settings

Personal settings on what scores should be shared on this specific server, and an option to enable saving of all scores of grades CLOSE CLEAR and above

  • /diva settings - a user interface to configure what scores you'd like to have shared in the current server. You can select specific grades and difficulties of your choice, as well as enable/disable sharing only high-scores or enable/disable sharing of the scores in the current server at all (without losing your selections). It will also display what settings you have selected in other servers

  • /diva song <song-name> - find a specific song and display various information about the song itself and a variety of options for the song results

    • Contains various information about the song itself - song's English and Japanese names, music artist, lyrics artist, arranger, illustrator, PV editor, song's BPM, who is it performed by, and what song pack does it belong to (base game, DLC, or a mod pack). If the song belongs to a mod pack, a download link is included. NOTE: this information is subject to song packs players, like you, have requested to be submitted to ShareDiva! There are instructions on how to request your song pack information to be added to ShareDiva in ShareDiva Hub Discord server

    • Displays all scores for this song saved in ShareDiva. Has options to sort by difficulty, latest scores or best scores, as well as being able to filter the results by the user, by server and view all results globally

  • /diva artist <artist name> - displays various information regarding any songs that were made by the artist of your choice

    • If you cannot find the artist that you're looking for but you know there are charted songs of them in a MegaMix+ song pack, please contact me in ShareDiva Hub Discord server so I can add the information about that song pack!

  • /diva recent - displays recent 20 results by users on this server

The scores themselves are not server bound, meaning that your scores are saved to ShareDiva regardless of your share settings on ShareDiva bot, but they will only be shown in leaderboards to other users who are in the same server as you are. If you leave a server, your results won't be visible on the leaderboard for that server anymore

  • /diva server - displays an aggregation of scores submitted by every user in this server

    • Displays various information such as: most song results submitted, most played songs, top medal holders and highest combos

  • /diva songpack <song pack name> - displays information about a song pack, such as description, download links, and full song list

    • The song list is ordered by the amount of plays for that song globally. If you are the author of a song pack, you can use this command to gauge interest in the songs. It is updated every time you call this command, and the number of plays is counted globally across the entire ShareDiva database, not just the server you're in

    • The purpose of this command, alongside displaying modded song pack info in score sharing messages and song detail messages is to spread the word of various mod packs to the people using ShareDiva, and to hopefully lead to more download of song packs made by the community overall

Profile commands

View your life-time stats of MegaMix+ scores saved in ShareDiva

  • /diva profile - displays a detailed profile for the user of your choice

    • Displays a general summary of this user's song stats, as well as options to sort by any difficulty and to display a detailed list of stats

    • This command can also be accessed in the Apps section by right-clicking a user/viewing a Discord user profile on the server and selecting 'View profile'

    • This command has extra cosmetic benefits for Ko-Fi supporters and ShareDiva Hub Discord server boosters! 💙

  • /diva customize-profile update <selections> - customize your ShareDiva profile

    • This option is only available to Ko-Fi supporters and ShareDiva Hub Discord server boosters, as my way of saying thank you for your support of my silly little bot! 💙

  • /diva customize-profile reset <selections> - revert any of the options above back to default

Miscellaneous commands

  • /diva ko-fi- provides a link to my Ko-Fi page

    • Donations are completely optional and only bring comsetics benefits within ShareDiva, but are very much appreciated as all the donations will go towards paying for the upkeep bills 💙

  • /diva discord - provides a link to ShareDiva Hub Discord server! Hope to see you there :)

  • /diva mod - provides a link to this documentation and download links for the mod

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