ShareDiva Discord Bot Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Terms of Service

Last updated: August 29, 2022

Agreement to Terms

ShareDiva Bot was created following Discord's official Terms of Service and Discord's official developer Terms of Service.

These Terms of Service constitute a legally binding agreement made between you, whether personally or on behalf of an entity (“you”) and ShareDiva Bot (“we,” “us” or “our”), concerning your access to and use of the ShareDiva Bot.

Under Discord's official Terms of Service, by using ShareDiva Bot you confirm that you are over the age of 13, and you confirm that any breach of these terms could lead to removal of the bot from your server.

You agree that by adding ShareDiva Bot to your server, you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by all of these Terms of Service. If you do not agree with all of these Terms of Service, then you are expressly prohibited from using ShareDiva Bot and you must discontinue use immediately. By adding ShareDiva Bot to your server, you also agree to follow Discord's official Terms of Service, official Privacy Policy and official Community Guidelines.

We will alert you about any changes by updating the “Last updated” date of these Terms of Service.


ShareDiva Bot is not affiliated in any shape or form with Discord Inc., SEGA CORPORATION, Crypton Future Media, INC. or Valve Corporation. All rights, assets, trademarks and intellectual property belong to their respectful owners.


The users may contact the author of the ShareDiva bot through the following methods:

Privacy Policy

Official Bot and website

The following is the only official ShareDiva Bot for which this Privacy Policy applies:

  • ShareDiva#2447 [1001614920942637227]

The following is the only official ShareDiva-related website for which this Privacy Policy applies:

The Mod and the Bot will be shared on public GitHub repositories in the near future. Permission to view the private repository can be granted on an individual basis until both the Mod and the Bot are hosted publicly.

Data collected outside of ShareDiva Bot

The following is the list of data that is collected by ShareDiva Bot via the ShareDiva Mod:

  • Steam ID - unique identifier of a Steam user who submitted a high-score. Used to differentiate different users and their scores stored within ShareDiva Bot. The Steam ID is never shared and cannot be viewed by anybody except for the developer of the Bot.

  • Discord ID - unique identifier of a Discord user who submitted a high-score. Used to differentiate different users and their scores stored within ShareDiva Bot

  • Stats of the completed song, including song name, song id, overall score, overall completion percentage ("completion rate") - posted in a form of a message from ShareDiva Bot on Discord servers the user has opted-into to share their score in

This data is required for ShareDiva to operate, as the main purpose of ShareDiva is to act as a leaderboard for completed songs and direct linking of completed scores and Discord user who is the author of the submitted score. This information is sent by ShareDiva Mod via an HTTPS POST request to an endpoint hosted on an AWS EC2 instance which is wrapped by AWS Application Load Balancer to ensure secure connection and hosting of the user data.

The user may to opt-out of sharing their scores publicly within a server via slash-command. The user may also opt-out of having their scores saved to ShareDiva Bot database by disabling ShareDiva Mod at any point. The user may request to view any data stored about them by contacting the Bot author directly. The user may also request to have any of the data related to them to be deleted via the same means of contact.

Data collected via slash-commands

The following is the list of data that is collected by ShareDiva Bot via slash-commands publicly available to every ShareDiva user:

  • Server ID and channel ID - ShareDiva Bot posts new song results received from the game in real time, and to do that it needs to save the server and a channel to which it can post to. This is set by an administrator of a server (and anyone with "Manage channels" permissions), and those same users can opt-out of this functionality by either using an appropriate slash-command or kicking the bot out of the server

  • Difficulty of the song that should be posted on a server - a ShareDiva Bot user can optionally set which difficulty should be used as minimum difficulty to post their high-scores in a preset channel for any given server that the user is in. The users may also simply opt-out of this feature entirely within this setting by providing correct inputs

ShareDiva Bot uses the list of users in a server to generate leaderboards, for which only a Discord ID is collected to denote which high-score belongs to which user. The users also may interact with ShareDiva Bot and provide different inputs to narrow down the collected list of song scores for the server that they are currently in.

Other than the data provided above, no other data is collected nor is necessary for ShareDiva Bot's operation, and none of it shared with any outside party.

Data storage and logging

Any and all data collected and utilized by ShareDiva Bot is received directly from ShareDiva Mod, which is a mod that collects data upon completion of a song and collects it into a JSON payload that is then sent as a POST request. Only the absolute necessary data is collected by the Mod, details of which are listed in Data collected outside of ShareDiva Bot.

Upon reception of the data, the data is stored in a database within the AWS EC2 instance behind an AWS Application Load Balancer, with highly restricted list of domains that are allowed to connect and access the instance. The database is then only interacted with by the Bot itself via Microsoft's Entity Framework.

The Bot itself logs the incoming song completion results, information about the bot joining or leaving a server, users updating their settings and any errors or faults to the console of the EC2 instance where the Bot itself is running. That logging is not shared anywhere outside of that instance and no outside party has access to it besides the developer responsible for hosting and maintaining the Bot.

Feedback and suggestions

Any and all feedback and suggestions for the operation of the Mod and the Bot are very much welcome, but are never guaranteed to be implemented. Upon submitting feedback or suggestion you accept that the feature or bugfix may be implemented without direct mention of the user who submitted the feedback.

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