Historical list of all ShareDiva Mod releases and significant updates to ShareDiva Discord Bot

MM+ Mod releases

1.1.1 - 18.10.2022

  • Added a workaround in case Discord SDK is unreachable - ShareDiva mod will now read the mod's config.toml file to retrieve your Discord UID

1.1.0 - 29.08.2022

  • The mod now sends song grades to the bot

  • The mod now sends song button presses stats

    • To enable this, use /diva share detailed true in a server of your choice

  • Hopefully once and for all fixed an issue where song results wouldn't sent if the player had DivaModLoader's console turned off

  • ShareDiva Mod code is now available on GitHub

1.0.3 - 17.08.2022

  • Fixed a game crash at the end of song completion if you had Diva Mod Loader's console off

1.0.2, 1.0.1 have been lost to time, they were bugfix releases

1.0.0 - 15.08.2022

  • Initial release

Discord Bot releases

This list is superseded by the announcements channel in ShareDiva Hub Discord server and will not be updated


Released together with ShareDiva Mod version 1.1.0

  • Added /diva share detailed <true/false> and /diva share save-all <true/false> commands

    • detailed will break down your score to all stats of COOL, FINE, SAFE, SAD, WORST and your max COMBO

    • save-all simply allows the user's score to be saved avoiding the high-score check

  • Updated /diva leaderboard by-name to support more than 25 songs per filter

  • Added /diva ko-fi - support ShareDiva!

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